Employment and Labor 

Our employment and labor law staff offers its clientele legal assistance and advice in this important area, by way of memoranda on specific issues; strategies and legal opinions in general and regarding collective bargaining agreements; legal advice on company work policy; counsel in administrative proceedings as well as judicial litigation, including processes before the Supreme Court of Justice. This area is consider nowadays extremely important, considering the recent implementation of the Labor Procedure Act, which requires a conciliation phase between employer and employee before the case go to trial.
Tax Law 
In recent years, the practice of law in this area has become ever more important, given the drastic and profound changes that have been taking place, of which a reflection is the more aggressive role the SENIAT, as the collection agent for the Venezuelan Treasury, has undertaken.  In this area, we offer our clients, among others, the following services: legal opinions in general on tax-related matters; assistance on fiscal planning; analysis on issues concerning municipal taxation, with special emphasis on the different regulations governing each municipality; legal counsel on administrative and judicial proceedings before the SENIAT, Tax Courts and, of course, the Supreme Court of Justice.
Administrative Law
This area of practice refers to rules and regulations contained in a vast diversity of Acts which govern the relationship between the common citizen and/or the private enterprise and the Government.  Our services in this field comprise: legal opinions on administrative law-related issues; advice and participation on negotiation of agreements of an administrative nature; legal counsel on foreign investment matters, such as royalty payments for transference of technology, and the use and commercial exploitation of patents and trade marks; and legal counsel in administrative proceedings in general.
Civil Corporate Law
In what concerns this vast area of the law, RH&W is fully capable of offering its services in virtually every aspect involved, such as: drafting of agreements in general; handling of corporate issues regarding private enterprises; assistance in all the legal paperwork necessary or of interest to the client; alternative methods of association, such as “joint ventures” y its variations; legal counsel in civil as well as commercial litigation.  We also cover the area of corporate affairs, such as drafting of Stockholders Meetings and Board of Director Minutes, and their recording in the Mercantile Registry Office; stock sales agreements; stock options agreements; etc.