Civil & Commercial Law (Corporate)

Regarding this vast area of law, RH&W is fully capable of offering its services in virtually all matters that comprise the subject, such as: drafting of contracts in general, management of the corporate area of companies; processing of documents related to matters that concern, or in which companies have an interest; new types of associations, such as "joint ventures" and their variants, franchises, distribution, etc. Likewise, we offer our services in the corporate area, in activities such as drafting of Minutes of Shareholders' Meetings, and their registration before the corresponding Mercantile Registry Office; drafting of minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting; stock sale documents; stock option documents (stock option agreements); etc


Labor Law

We provide general labor consulting services in the areas of human resources, collective agreements, occupational risk prevention, negotiation, implementation of audits, occupational health and safety issues, careers, and jobs. Compensation & Benefits. In addition, we have extensive experience in administrative and judicial procedures.



We have extensive experience in planning and implementing Compliance Programs and in reviewing Manuals, Policies and Procedures. We advise and guide our clients in the drafting and/or updating of their Codes of Conduct and in their adaptation to international norms and standards. We offer legal advice to companies for the exercise of internal investigations and the execution of audits on compliance and loyalty to regulatory standards and honesty in business.


Administrative law

This area refers to the regulations contained in a diversity of laws and regulations, which govern relations between citizens and/or private companies vis-à-vis the Public Administration. Our legal services in this area include: legal opinions related to the matter; negotiations on contracts of an administrative nature; advice on Foreign Investments, which includes matters related to the payment of royalties for the importation of technology and the use and exploitation of patents and trademarks; representation in administrative proceedings in general.


Tax Law

This practice area includes tax planning for various Venezuelan and multinational entities. Advice and planning on income taxation of natural and legal persons; attention to administrative and judicial procedures in the tax area. Everything, providing timely advice to our clients.


Construction and Real Estate

We provide legal advice to our clients in the design and implementation of real estate development projects. We advise on the purchase of real estate, execution of construction contracts, evaluation and structuring of forms of financing, in the sale phases and in general in the design of the real estate development until its completion, whether in the case of office projects, commercial or residential. We also advise clients on everything related to leasing land, commercial premises, offices, houses and warehouses.